Interkit docs

App creation process

Creating an app is a multi-stage process that often involves several people with different responsibilities. It starts with conceptualizing your idea and ends with a finished app that you can share with others.


1. Concept

Conceptualize your idea in the framework of interkit

  • define your “elements”
  • conceptualize how the users interact with the experience
  • think about goals and objectives
  • think about the progression of the experience
  • define interactions among users
  • consider interactions between users and their environment

2. Structure

Sections database and components

  • setup components
  • setup component actions
  • setup database sheets
  • connect components to database sheets

3. Content

Sections database and media

  • add and edits texts
  • upload images
  • upload audio
  • upload video
  • upload 3d assets

4. Chat (optional)

Design Chat interaction and server-side actions

  • write interactions in the chat interface
  • add chat channels and bots
  • add server-side actions
  • connect external services
  • use cron for global timed actions

5. Styling

Tweak visual appearance of the app

6. Deploy

Publish App

7. Moderation

Moderate users and user generated content (optional)