Interkit docs

The concept of hooks

hooks are like nodes, but run by the system, triggered by certain events (instead of regular nodes, that are triggered by messages and user movements). they export async init() and async run() functions (instead of onMessage() and onArrive()).

Set up cron jobs in a project

Cron jobs are hooks (JS callbacks) that are run periodically on the server.

  1. add a file hooks/cron.js to your project
  2. this file should export async init() and async run()
  3. init will get called once when the project server starts
  4. run gets called regularly (every second)
  5. you are responsible for the rest!

API for callbacks

The init and run callbacks are called with these arguments:
(see project-server.js for details)

  ...projectApi, // provides .setUserVar, .sendMessage
                 // see project-api.js
  users,    // reactive collection of users
  messages, // reactive collection of messages
  events,   // reactive collection of scheduled events
  server,   // meteor server
  projectId // the project Id