Interkit docs

What the template does

This template shows a chat interface and allows the user to send messages. The response is always “yes”.

Which parts of the system were used

The template was created by using components in the App section, setting the chat behaviour in the Story section.

Techniques demonstrated

  • In the Story section, we have created a board (“board1”) and a node. We have used the api.sendText command in the node editor to define how the chat reacts to users arriving and sending messages.

  • We have added the AnonymousLogin component in the App section to create an anonymous user account when a user opens the app. This is necessary for chat interactions.

  • The Chat component shows the chat interface and is set to the “board1” that we have set up in the story section.

Next Steps

  • Write things into the chat and see how the system reacts.

  • Change the text that the system sends in response to a user arriving and sending a message. Click the question mark in the node editor to see the available commands.

  • In the Story section, create a new board and a new node. Change the Chat component in the App section to use your new board instead of the old one.

  • See the chat authoring guide in the Docs to get started with writing interactive chats.