Interkit docs


What the template does

This template loads a list of structured content from a database sheet and displays it as a scrollable list on the screen.

Which parts of the system were used

The template was created by using components in the App section, setting up a database in the Data section and uploading images in the Media section.

Techniques demonstrated

  • We have set up a database Sheet called “cats” in the Data area, and added columns for name, image and a comment.

  • We have uploaded cat images in the Media section and selected the right image for each cat in the sheet.

  • We add a ScrollContainer inside AppBase to allow scrolling.

  • We load the data using the DataLoaderMulti component.

  • The DataList component takes this data and displays it as a list. We can use StaticText to display a message when there is no data.

  • The DataCard component determines how each entry in the list should be displayed.

Next Steps

  • Edit the data for an existing cat.

  • Add a new cat by uploading a new image in the Media section, and creating a new row in the cats Sheet.

  • Play with the different size options in the DataCard component

  • Try out the DummyData mode (options below the preview) to see the capabilities of the DataCard component.

  • Hook up different columns in the DataCard component to switch where the name and comment are displayed.