Interkit docs

Tabs Simple

What the template does

The template creates a tab bar, allowing the user the switch back and forth between three content areas.

Which parts of the system were used

The template was created entirely using components in the App section. You can navigate there by selecting the App tab at the top of the screen.

Techniques demonstrated

  • The TabBar lets you add buttons that will be rendered into a tab bar.

  • The Tab component allows the user to select an active route via the effect property.

  • The Route and RouteConnector components allow you to define parts of the app that are shown depening on the user. Each route has a unique path that we use to identify which route should be shown.

Next Steps

  • Change the titles of the tabs

  • Change the content in the tabs

  • Add a new tab by duplicating an existing RouteConnector, Route, and Button. You’ll need to set a path for your route, and modify your new button to use that path.