Creating and Managing Projects

Exploring existing projects on the server

The home screen in the interkit authoring system shows two tabs: Projects and Templates.

  • Projects are the projects created by your team on the server
  • Templates are examples and starting points for projects included as part of interkit

For each project or template, you can tap on Preview to load it in the preview section on the right. Make sure you have selected the Preview tab on the top right.

Creating a new project

You have several options to create a new project.

  • duplicate an existing project or template using the ⋮ menu in the list
  • use the create project wizard to create a new project (from scratch, by importing or by basing it off of a template)

More options

The ⋮ menu contains further options:

  • rename your project
  • delete your project
  • determine if your project should be a template (this is only available to admin users)

Editing a project

Tap on Edit to open projects from your project tab.

Tab on Inspect to open templates from template tab. They will open in a read only mode, where you cannot make changes but look up how they are constructed.

See the Interface Tour for more information about editing projects.

Make a project the default project on the server

In the Project tab in the Settings section, you can set your project to be the default project on this server. This means that users will be able to reach it as a PWA under a simpler url.

You can set project to default at any time, this is useful for example when you want to show a preview message at the main url before launching the full app to the public.