Welcome! In the tutorials, you’ll learn how to create projects from scratch with interkit.

We recommend you start with the Foundation tutorials and then decide which of the Intermediate Techniques you want to explore futher.


In the Hello World tutorial, you will create your first App from scratch and display the classic “Hello World” message on the screen.

In the Data Loading tutorial, you will learn how to load data from individual cells, and load multiple rows to display them as lists, carousels or markers on a map.

In the Routing tutorial, you will learn how to divide your app into different screens and create navigation between them.

Intermediate Techniques

Combine you knowledge about Data Loading and Routing in the Data and Routing tutorial.

The Media tutorial teaches you how to work Images, Videos, Audios, AR content, and QR Codes.

In the Button effects tutorial, you will learn how to add more interactivity to your components interface, such as Bookmarks & Todo Lists, more complex navigation or a scavenger hunt with programmatic actions.

Learn how to write complex interactive stories and chatbots in the Stories and Chatbots tutorial.